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Take the 52-17 Productivity Challenge!

Try the 52-17 productivity methodology for one week and see how much more you can achieve!*

Research into workplace efficiency has shown that optimum achievers tend to follow a pattern of 52 minutes of work, followed by 17 minutes of rest.

According to productivity expert, Julie Clifford, writing in The Muse, the 52 minutes of work is usually a sprint to get something finished or achieved, the length of time being just about right to really get stuck into a problem without burning out.

The 17 minutes of rest that follow should ideally be that, rest - go for a walk, do some chores, meditate; let your brain recover before the next 52 minute sprint. Switch off completely, and don't be tempted to check emails...

Other studies have shown that 45 minute sprints, followed by 15 minutes of rest are also beneficial for achieving great things.

This website gives you the option to choose either 52-17 sessions or 45-15 sessions. Once you start, the site will loop through the two session continuously, with audio reminders to get you into, or out of, work mode.

Whichever method you choose, try to consistently keep the routine going for a week and see if it makes a difference to your productivity, then tweet us to let us know how you get on.

*YMMV depending on how many meetings get in the way...